Friday, May 14, 2010

Yay - I'm a 2-Time Award Winning Blogger

Isn't that great to say? :) I can't help it. I LOVE getting awards. I wish we could have our own form of the Oscars every year. That being said...I only want an award I TRULY deserve, so thank you for thinking I deserve this Wren, Remicade Dream and Bionic Pony.

Now, according to the rules of this award, I’m supposed to tell you ten things about me that you don’t know, and then nominate five blogs for the award. Hmmm...this will be an added challenge for me, because as most of you know, I'm trying to keep my identity a secret. So I cannot write about some of the more impressive parts of myself without tipping people off. Its not that I'm the Queen of England or anything, but if any of my family or friends stumble upon this blog, I don't want to face the inevitable hurt feelings and angry confrontations. Then again, the more I write about some of them, the more I think about revealing myself if only to ensure their departure from my life.

But ok, back to the award...

Thank you so much Remicade Dream for giving me this award. I love your blog, and I hope I will do the award justice. Wren, you know I adore your writing, and hope I can continue to learn more from you. And Bionic Pony, I just found yours, and can't wait to read some more. So here goes...

1. I wish I were the Queen of England, or the Queen of anything. I have an obsession with castles and find royalty intriguing...not to mention the fun I could have with those gowns and tiaras!

2. I have written to all three of my favorite authors with RA, and all three have responded back within 24 hours. I know - thrilling, right?

3. I am a HUGE fan of disaster movies. I have seen Twister about 200 times, and I've made my poor husband sit through every cheesy movie EVER made about a volcano eruption, earthquake or killer virus.

4. I own roughly 319 pairs of flip flops.

5. I absolutely LOVE my chosen career. One of the hardest things about this damn disease is that I don't get to practice my career full-time. But! As many have pointed out, it leaves me no excuse to not work on my writing!

6. I was voted Most Popular in our high school yearbook. It was a mistake. I was actually voted something else, but our names were similar, and they mixed us up. HA!

7. I predict the future at an alarmingly accurate rate. I present the following real life scenario:
Husband: Superbitch, I think Jack and Anna make such a sweet couple.
Superbitch: Yeah, they'll be divorced soon. I give 'em six months.
Husband: You're crazy.
(Six months later)
Husband: Jack and Anna are getting a divorce!
Superbitch: Uh huh, and you're surprised why?
Husband: Holysh*t, I married Sylvia Browne.

8. I have an enormous crush on Dr.Gregory House - but of course, he is the King of speaking his mind; he's disabled; he's brilliant. (O.k. so I lost in the comparison on the last point, but still!)

9. I abhor weddings. I think they are so boring, and such a waste of money. I eloped. And to this day, I try my best to get out going to as many weddings as I can. Imagine my delight when I had to be a matron of honor a few years ago.

10. Upon learning I had this disease at age 29, I gave up smoking, clubbing and drinking, and so now I drink 5 cans of pepsi a day.

And now I'd like to pass this award along to thse deserving people whom I do not believe have received it yet:

1. RA Sucks by Kim

2. And That's the Way Sue "C's" It...The Mommy Doctor Blog

3. Amber at RA Maybe Mamma

4. Leslie at Southern Gal with RA

5. Seth at Creaky Joints


  1. I knew there were reasons why I love your blog...we have a lot in common! I love anything to deal with royalty too...and I love the movie Twister (just saw it again the other day) and also Titanic lol...another disaster movie lol...I think Dr. House is hot too...must be the brilliant mind along with the bad attitude and his cane is sexy.....flip flops are my friend...wish I lived somewhere tropical where I could wear them all year without my toes freezing....but I do live in Arkansas so I can wear them nine months out of the year :D ..I need to know the authors with RA please....of course we know Diane that book here on your page! thanks for passing the award on to I have to think of 10

  2. many times did I "lol" in that post? geez

  3. Just found your blog and I really like it. I am newly diagnosed. =/

    Congrats on your award. I adore House too. Cannot. Get. Enough!

  4. Congratulations on the well-deserved accolades! :)

  5. Ooh - I love House, too!!

    Thanks so much for passing along the award. I appreciate it very much!

  6. Love your list. Will you share your gowns and tiaras if you ever get them? Of course we'd probably fall down from the weight of the gowns. But at least we'd be elegant puddles of silks, satins and lace.

    Love House too, it's those eyes of his and that smile. Oh, if only...