Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Dose of Reality

Ok, so for once I think I'm going to try something a bit different with this post. Instead of my biting commentary on the way society and the medical world views we RAers, I'm going to try a bit of realism. I want to share a conversation my husband and I had somewhat recently, maybe a month or so ago...and I want your commentary. I want to know if our conversation rings familiar to any of you...

I guess it comes down to one thing. We all just want to see how other people are handling IT, the RA because for one thing, it gives us a barometer for how hopeful vs. how pathetic we sometimes feel. But also we want to see how others are handling IT in case we can learn from them.

Please do not attempt to learn from the following conversation anything except that I too have moments of weakness:

Hubby: Honey, you are doing so well. You manage to get up every day despite debhilitating pain and stiffness and still remain the most positive person I know.

Me through tears: You don't get it. The ONLY reason I do get up every day is for you and our son.

Hubby: But that's ok because you get up.

Me through worse tears: You don't get it. That's the point. I don't want to.

Hubby: No! The point is that you DO...because if I were you, I don't know if I would.