Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Discussion Update

Hey Guys,

I figured out how we're going to do the book discussion (Yay!!!), but I have had so many people express interest that if you guys don't mind, I'm going to move it to the end of the month in order to give everyone time to read the novel, including Wren whom I just sent the novel to today. :)

If anyone else needs the novel, comment here. Maybe someone else has a copy they are ok to part with. If you tell the post office you are sending a novel, they discount the normal postage rate. It is ony a few cents.

So once again, the book discussion is for Diane Chamberlain's novel linked on the left, and I will begin the discussion on March 30th.

I also added an new link of the week. (RA Mamma's link was added to the permanent blog roll.) The new link is a really cute blog that I enjoy. It is written by a female doctor whom is also a Mom with a lot of great parenting tips. I think a lot of you would enjoy that blog if you want to check it out. I love looking for new sites and blogs that you guys might like as much as I do. I know there are the usual blogs we all have come to know and love, but there are also a lot of fresh new ones I'm finding that provide unique perspectives. I hope you guys like 'em. And if you find a cool site, let me know!!!



  1. Thanks for sharing these great links!

  2. Oh, I AM looking forward to getting that book in the mail, SB. Thank you VERY much for being so kind and sending it to me. I'll start reading right away. You know, I've never participated in a "book club" before. This should be fun!

    Hope all is well with you, and that you're not hurting. Have a great week!

  3. I'm thinking I will re-read the book as I have read about four since then and need to update myself :D

  4. Thanks Everyone! If this book discussion goes well, I'm open to suggestions for the next one, so keep your eyes open for characters to whom we might relate. :)

    I'm glad you like the links too!

  5. You know what's funny? My daughter ordered a book from the school book fair (about blew me away cause normally she gets erasers and such) and it looked really interested so I read it. It was called "Umbrella Summer" by Lisa Graff...and guess what? One of the characters has RA...can you believe that? Well, there is only a short mention of it but I took notice. Just thought I would mention that...seems RA is all around us these days..kinda like you don't notice it unless you have it? Like you get a blue car and notice all the blue cars? You get RA and now you see it everywhere? I would rather have the blue car...haha

  6. oh noes!!!!!!! i just ordered the book for my kindle for pc and it doesn't come out till may 1. oh well! i guess i can read the discussion posts after the fact...